Corporate Philosophy

VISION: The "Amazon" of Personal Health Care, serving the needs of practicing patients worldwide.

MISSION: Simplify (Automate) Self-Care.

GOAL: To Improve Your Health.

COMMITMENT: To provide online health management services; guarantee our work without condition;

be accountable, reachable, responsive, and engaged; ready to work within any budget; always looking for new ways to be useful and to expand our expertise and Continually Improve Our Quality of Care.

PHILOSOPHY: "Auxellence" (Excellence) in Healthcare.

We are healthcare people. We have families and friends whom we love beyond anything material. We are passionate about seeking ways to comfort, care, provide, improve, show respect, LOVE and ALOHA [W] to the lives of people whom we care most about, as well as to everyone whom we can positively influence.

Our company, is all about finding effective solutions to resolve hitherto intractable healthcare issues. We are most pleased when we help find a solution to your health problems and improve your quality of life.  With the recent legalization of CBDs from Hemp in many jurisdictions we are actively engaged in exploring the usage of CBDs in the Evitrade "Health System" to delivering improved solutions with a higher degree

of predictability and consistency in improving the human condition.

We appreciate the opportunity, if you should consider using our services to assist in resolving your healthcare issues. We look forward to welcoming you to the EVITRADE Health Systems customer family and assisting you with your healthcare needs. In the meantime, we wish you the best in HEALTH!