The Hardware:
FAST* Medical Device

*FAST - Fully Automated Signal Transduction
Our novel medical device is being developed as a blood pressure monitor with interactive protocols.

The innovative device serves multiple functions: (it performs both Therapeutic and Diagnostic services -
"Theranostic"). It is novel in that it enables physiologically interactive health apps useful in testing,
tracking, and treating common health conditions.

This device is the interface for "practicing patients" interested in normalizing common health issues related to cardio-metabolic conditions.
The Software:
EPIC* Health Care Expert System

*Electro-Physiologically Interactive Computing System
Windows 7 or higher based computer.

High speed internet connection.

Measurement of your left wrist girth (diameter).

A commitment to follow the scheduler for session appointments.
*For sale For Trials Testing in Canada and Europe only.
Autonomous Biomedical Care (ABC) System for supervised or unsupervised personalized medical exam
and consultation.

Session schedules, measurement procedures, and conditioning protocols are prescribed automatically by
the system from extemporaneous data acquired from the user.

Our online system and Proprietary Delivery Platform is initially aimed primarily at people interested in
normalizing blood pressure, blood glucose, and body weight (BMI) and skin conditions.

Our solution provides PHYSIOLOGICALLY INTERACTIVE CONDITIONING SERVICES and does not disrupt the
current professional framework; it works as a personalization plugin that minimizes the costs and
maximizes the outcomes.

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