About EGF Health Holdings Corp

EGF Health Holdings Corp. is a technology company offering Automated Biomedical Care (ABC) online services for common health problems. The company has been developing a "Health System" which comprises of an extensive platform for electro-physiologically interactive computing (EPIC) supporting therapeutic-diagnostic (theranostic) devices, expert systems, and recommender applications for

personal health management.

The Company's vision is to help improve health through : personalized medical care (including naturalproducts usage monitoring and its effects on the cardiovascular system), molecular biology, nutraceutical solutions and genetics. Monitoring the effects on the body of any substance is the first step in improvinghealth outcomes.

The markets for people with cardio-metabolic or cardiovascular conditions seeking to normalize blood

pressure, blood glucose levels, BMI (weight) management, inflammation, and skin conditions such as

acne are in the multi-billions.

Although we continue to innovate, improve, and refine our methods, systems, device(s) and strategies for
healthcare theranostics; including the integration of natural products into our healthcare system, we
believe our EPIC self-healthcare system and FAST* medical device is capable to assist you to follow the
3 “T's” (Test, Track & Treat) to deal with common health issues.  The Company's platform may be the first to offer a complete quality assured, vertically integrated "CBD Health Monitoring System" for recording the
effects of natural products on your cardiovascular system to assist in improving health outcomes.