Weight Management

The market is huge, extremely mature and sophisticated, however, it is continually growing, and yet it remains under-served and unsatisfied. The North American Weight Loss Market is worth over $60 billion & worldwide there are 1.3 billion people who medically need to lose weight & cannot find the appropriate solution. About $800 per person is being spent yearly on commercial weight management programs. Although lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise) remain the safest and most effective means of achieving weight loss, the outcomes are poor. Surgical procedures forcibly induce drastic lifestyle changes and can elicit up to 20% weight loss, but carry major medical risks and high cost.

The big pharmaceuticals companies have tried to penetrate this market, but the issues do not lend themselves to a pharmacological solution. Arguably, the fitness industry, health coaching business (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Herbalife, etc.) and nutritional supplement products has done more for this market and with greater success than Big Pharma.

There thus remains a large, unmet need for safe, efficient, and tolerable weight-loss therapies.

With a change of tactics, to incorporate our unique FAST* medical hardware and EPIC software technologies we believe we can position “EVITRADE Health Systems” to become a key player in the weight management marketplace.

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