Over-The-Counter Medical Care

From a 1925 issue of Science and Invention:

The doctor of the future will be able to feel his patient, as it were, at a distance...The doctor

manipulates his controls, which are then manipulated at the patient's room in exactly the same manner. The doctor sees what is going on in the patient's room by means of a television screen.

Ever since, this idea for telemedicine tends to pop up regularly, even in 1990s concept videos for

AT&T and Bell. It did not occur to the futurists, then and now, that technology progress in health

care is not about extending the physician's reach, but expanding the capacity of being one's own

physician - that is, "autonomous health care".

With the FAST* medical device and EPIC software systems, EVITRADE Health Systems is able to assist the consumer by providing high level Autonomous Biomedical Care (ABC) services on an online

self-care platform.