Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Self-care is universal. More than 75 percent of health

care is undertaken without professional intervention.

Good health care programs, such as the 'test-treat-track'

model advocated by the World Health Organization,

have yet to be designed for consumers of health products

and services. While the technology for automated testing

and tracking is largely available, treatments are still limited

to surgery and pharmacy.

We intend to change that, by providing a different class of treatments, which directly involves the innate

facilities for normalization and information. In our vision, computers will soon be used to shape biosignals into any remedy, including remedies that cannot be manufactured.

Our developers call this new technology FAST - short for Fully Automated Signal Transduction.

FAST, we expect, shall assist in merging knowledge and action in medicine and allow us to help provide

you with the best personalized solutions for your healthcare needs.